4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Recently I wrote my own definitive Wedding Anniversary gift list, though I’ve decided to present an alternative for the 4th Wedding Anniversary. It is sometimes referred to as the Fruit and Flowers year and initially I overlooked this as I sell neither fruit nor flowers!

Thanks to the help of a particularly lovely customer (one who has shopped with me for his past 4 anniversaries now and always chooses some really thoughtful gifts) I have realised that I do in fact sell many different things that are perfect for this anniversary!


The 4th year is fruit and flowers as this represents the blossoming partnership of a couple in their fourth year of marriage!

There are lots of ideas for both fruit and flowers as a theme, from something as simple as a lovely piece of artwork to something more unusual like a piece of home-wears or glass hanging!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is even more choice besides these fantastic items, why not pop in yourself, get creative and discover what you can buy?!

There is also a fantastic florist at the front of the Byram Arcade where I’m sure you could buy a lovely bunch of flowers should you wish to add a touch of the traditional to your gifts!

To read the rest of my wedding anniversary list check out Years 1-5 here and Years 6-10 here.

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