Crafty Wedding Anniversary Gifts List years 6-10

After much internet sleuthing, well I checked several websites, including wikipedia! I have come to the conclusion that there is no definitive list of themed Anniversary Gifts.

I have found that the UK versions differ slightly (and in some cases drastically) from the US versions, there are ‘traditional’ and ‘modern versions’ as well as gemstone and flower lists. Almost every site you check will have a different idea of what is right for at least one of the years!

I have decided to throw caution to the wind and piece together my own Handmade Wedding Anniversary Gift List! I’m avoiding the ‘modern’ lists as some of those include things like electrical appliances (and I can’t quite see Mrs Smith appreciating a new vacuum cleaner for an anniversary gift!).

To check out part 1 with years 1-5 click here.


6th – Garnet/Amethyst

For year 6 I’ve chosen to look at the gemstones as garnet and amethyst are easily my favourite stones! Garnet’s firey red colour represents passion and intimacy, it is also believed to boost your sex drive! Amethyst is said to protect its wearer from deceit, it’s purple shade is linked to royalty and makes an ideal gift for the sixth wedding anniversary.

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7th – Wool

Wool symbolises warmth and woollen gifts also symbolise comefort and caring for your spouse.

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8th – Bronze or Pottery (for pottery see 9)

Bronze is a symbol of everlasting love and it represents beauty and durability,  historically it was often the medium of works of art. Its beauty and durability making it a prized material to mold into something that will be treasured and treated with the utmost of respect.

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9th – Pottery

Pottery is indicative of nature and simplicity. In a religious sense, the message from a gift of pottery is that clay is the natural material it is formed from and it is Earth that man is also formed from. The addition of water to man or clay brings both to life. As such pottery is a gift to be treasured and treated with the utmost of respect. It has a life of its own.

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10th Wedding Anniversary – Aluminium and Tin

Aluminium and Tin are both bendable metals, like these a couple learned to accommodate and adapt to changing circumstances within their union. For a marriage to withstand the test of time couples learn to compromise, to stand by one another, and to be emotionally giving to one another.

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