Supplier FAQs


Q: Can I stock my work in your shop?
A: I pride myself on taking on a wide variety of high quality arts and crafts from all different kinds of makers, whether you are a student, graduate, a hobbyist or professional. I am a recent graduate from the University of Huddersfield and know that sometimes it can be hard to promote yourself as a maker, I aim to help as many creatives as I can giving them a platform to sell their work.

I currently have a waiting list but if you send me an email with links to photographs and a bit of information about yourself or arrange to pop in and see me, we can discuss becoming a supplier. Please don’t just pop in with your work before emailing me as I like to give both my customers and potential suppliers my full attention and the best way to do this is to pre-arrange a time when the shop is likely to be less busy or when I have an extra pair of hands to help me!

Q: What commission do you take?
A: I take a commission off all sales in the shop, this can either be added to your wholesale price or taken from your retail price. For this you also get featured on the website and your work may also be taken to local craft fairs if you give your consent. I will also take a commission off workshop places. As Crafty Praxis is a new shop I am currently only able to take work on a Sale or Return basis, please email me to discuss percentage.

Q: Do you charge a monthly rent?
A: I charge a small monthly Showcase Fee, which covers admin costs and for this you get featured on the website, Facebook page and more. Please email me to discuss further.

Q: How do I get to be Maker of the Month?
A: To be featured as maker of the month you will have generated the most sales in the shop the previous month by recommendations. You can do this either online via social media or word of mouth. If a customer to the shop says that you have recommended them, when they purchase any item, you get a point. The stockist with the most points at the end of the month wins! You will be featured on our website, newsletter and social media sites and your commission will also be reduced for one month.