Inspired Huddersfield

Inspired Huddersfield is a festival celebrating and showcasing University of Huddersfield Graduate’s talents in a diverse range of creative fields within the School of Art, Design and Architecture. This year the exhibitions and events go one for two weeks and we’re just at the start of the second week.


Inspired Huddersfield Promotional Material

As a Textile Crafts Graduate I’ll be focusing on the textiles portion of the exhibition but I did pop along to the opening night, (as usual) have a glass of wine (as usual!) and have a good look at some of the other departments too!


I’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces from the Textile department to focus on, the first being the lovely Becca Rose of ‘Becca Buttons‘ who produced these two tables as part of her collection ‘Scandi Stitch’. I think the reason I like Becca’s work so much is the mix of traditional embroidery stitches and modern techniques, finishes and laser cut designs.

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Another part of the exhibition that caught my eye was the exhibit by Ellie Webster, ‘Spread the word not the oil’ at first glance, Ellie’s work particularly stood out to me as the lack of colour and florals made it very different from a lot of the work in the exhibition. Like Becca, Ellie used unusual materials and techniques (such as magnetic iron powder, latex and silicone), not usually associated with mainstream fashion, to create a selection of weird and wonderful fabric samples. I also particularly liked the theme of Ellies work, as a reaction to the BP oil spill and the effect of oil on our oceans.

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The next installation that caught my attention was this one by Tammi Baxter. At first glance I didn’t think they were anything particularly special but when I took the time to read the information, and look a little closer, I realised that these were not just more printed scarves that I’d seen year after year! Tammi’s project centred all around the concept of ‘Make do and Mend’ taking old garments and embellishing them in new and exciting ways, with interesting materials and printed techniques to create new items.


My last selection of the Textile exhibition is ‘Nest’, by Liz Kidner. Liz used surplus yarns and found objects to create wearable items inspired by bird’s nests. I like the use of the unusual materials, the way it makes the viewer question the nature of waste both in industry and at home. I also like how Liz made products, as I come from a product background and many of the graduates in recent years have moved away from products and towards more commercial prints.

2016-06-13 13.05.47
‘Nest’ Liz Kidner

During the exhibition there are also a selection of textile workshops I took part in a 3d Paper Weaving workshop where I made this cool green (what a surprise!) woven vessel!

2016-06-13 13.01.24

As usual I also attended the costume show, where I didn’t take many pictures as I was so enthralled! I really enjoy the costume show as the mixture of the music and the performances by the models really brings the costumes to life. I did take a picture of the last students work (who’s name I didn’t have chance to write down in the dark and I can’t find any info on the internet about it!) which I particularly liked, especially the fact taht she’d done 3! (I am sure the costume students work harder than any other course!) Clearly I have good taste as the student responsible won two different awards! Also I found the tree at the back (yes that’s a tree costume) rather entertaining as at the end when everyone came back on stage to have the speeches and awards she kept applauding, I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a tree clap before!

2016-06-16 21.56.41

The degree show is on until the 24th of June so there is still plenty of time to have a look! Click the photo below to visit the official website for more info!



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