New Tricks – Decoupage

With a generally creative childhood, GCSEs in both Art and Graphics, A-Levels in Art & Textiles not to mention an Art Foundation and BA Hons in Textile Crafts you’d think there wouldn’t be many art techniques I’d yet to try. You’d be wrong!

Each month Kim of Darn It Workshops runs a session at Crafty HQ for Tea & Tarts WI (of which we’re both members) and as well as hosting, I get stuck in! Each month I’ll show you how you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Samples of decoupage – Kim Searle

This month’s workshop was Decoupage, something I’d heard of and seen but I’d never tried. As usual Kim had some example pieces showing a range of the techniques and different ideas for pieces we could make. This month we had a particularly ‘Blue Peter’ moment where she had prepared a sample to show us a technique involving transferring an image, onto a decoupaged background, which had been printed using a laser printer. This was a really cool effect for adding an image on top of a decorative background with out the fiddly business of cutting it out, also it was more like a transfer so wouldn’t have bulky edges.

The basics of decoupage are pretty simple, but there is a lot you can achieve with simple! Take a nice paper or decorative napkin (Ikea is great for these!) and using modge podge glue it down, though if your using a paper napkin it may break so you have to be more delicate and use cling film technique to help with the application!

Me with my Love(ly) project!

The possibilities are endless (well almost!) I, rather handily had a love(ly) wooden decoration that I’d bought a while back with a view to altering in some way so i got to work using a beautiful peach rose covered napkin to cover it in roses.

Teeny Tiny Bird House!

Other participants decoupaged on mini cardboard bird houses, wooden boxes and hangings, tins and even glass jars. There are several types of modge podge including glossy and matt finish but you can also get dish washer safe so you could decorate items you planned to wash and outdoor so you could decorate something for your garden!

Everyone ended up with a completely different item to take home, and while I didn’t quite finish mine, I’ll be buying some modge podge (possibly a selection!) and nothing in my house will be safe from the delights of decoupage!

One of my favourites from the night, this butterfly covered glass jar would look fantastic lit with a tea light!

The workshop was attended by many different ladies – each with a varying degree of crafty knowledge – but we all went home with something to be proud of! You can see more photographs of the session here on Tea & Tarts WI’s Facebook page.

Working away at Byram Arcade!

If you’re interested in learning a new skill, why not pop along to a workshop at Crafty HQ? You can find out about future events by subscribing on Facebook. I’d love to get crafty with you soon!


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