Made in Huddersfield


About 12 months ago I was approached by a customer in Crafty HQ asking me if I wanted to organise an arts festival, for some reason I said yes and so Made in Huddersfield was born!

Made in Huddersfield 2 Banner by MissTellaneous

Made in Huddersfield is a collective of local artists and small businesses (Richard Bates (Bates Mill), Elisa Etemad (Crafty Praxis), Jeremy Perkins (Coffee Evolution), Amy Hirst, Elizabeth Richmond, Rachael Walker, Andrew Wilson) all of whom wish to champion Huddersfield’s talent and promote arts of all kind. We give our time for free, meeting once a month for an hour to plan and organise arts events to promote what Huddersfield has to offer. Our first event was back in October 2015 and our second was Friday night(15/04/16)!

Made In Huddersfield 2 took place at Coffee Evolution and we had a selection of art, music, interactive art micro interviews and workshops all by and for the people of Huddersfield.

There were 8 local artists exhibiting various different kinds of work from traditional paintings (but on tiles!) to mixed media, textile based pieces and 3d work.

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Alongside the exhibition, there were workshops run by two local Artists, a fused glass workshop by Alx Creations and a macrame workshop by Vasaliki. The first MIH was

2016-04-15 20.16.33
Andy, one of the organisers, looking rather pleased with his glass!


completely free, except for a nominal amount (around £2 per workshop participant) to cover any materials used. We decided to try something new for MIH2, we made it a Pay What You Feel event which meant that all of the entertainment, exhibition and food provided was free (again except for workshop materials if you chose to participate) but if the people who came enjoyed what we did, they donated what they could. This money is then to be split between the artists, bands and workshop leaders. The organisers aren’t paid.

The workshops were a great success with many different participants, not all with an artistic background, trying something new and making something to be proud of and take home!

Micro interviews intrigued me, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but they were one of my favourite parts of the evening. They were conducted by Hazel Davis and then made into little postcard sized works of art by artist Sam Hussain and installed on a ‘washing line’ for all to see! The interview was a fairly simple but interesting question, ‘what did you want to be when you grew up. And what are you now.’ The results were a fantastic little snap shot into some of the people of Huddersfield’s past dreams and present realities, even a few people had ended up doing what they wanted to as a child!

The drawing table (which I’m sure will be a reoccurring feature of all MIH events as it’s super popular) was constantly in use. By the end of the evening it was full of all kinds of doodles, writings, sketching and more, almost everyone who attended the evening left their mark!


The main difference between MIH 1 and 2 was the addition of live music. We had the debut performance from Mahatma Raindrop who played a fantastic acoustic set of covers. They were followed by regulars on the Huddersfield music scene, The Suitcase Dwellers. who played a full set of original music including encore as demanded by the audience!

Made in Huddersfield will be back for the third installation later this year and eventually we hope to have a weekend long event covering more venues within Hudds. If you’d like to find out more or keep in touch, check us out on Facebook and you can even subscribe to our events. If you’re a local artist, musician or would like to be involved in future events then  message us via Facebook and we’ll get back to you.

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