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Brassy Tarts

Some of you have seen a small brass baritone horn badge on my person while I’m working away at Crafty HQ, many of you may not – there is rather a lot to look at! A few people have asked about it so I thought I’d share my story here!

2016-04-09 15.45.38
Me modelling said baritone badge!

Outside of my life at Crafty HQ I am a member of Tea & Tarts WI. We are a “new wave” WI and do all sorts of exciting things such as Parkour, Quiz Nights, Fencing and Twerk-shops. It is also through my connection with Tea & Tarts that I host a monthly workshop at Crafty HQ, which you may have read about in one of my previous blog posts.

Just over a year ago now, to celebrate the centenary year of the WI, a small group of us decided to form a beginners brass band and so acquired my very own baritone horn (all be it on loan) and I became a member of The Brassy Tarts!

All but one of us were complete beginners to the world of brass instruments and many couldn’t read music, the aim was to be ready to play at the Centenary AGM for the WI outside the Royal Albert Hall. In just 17 weeks we mastered Jerusalem (the WI anthem) as well as a hymn, a march and Happy by Pharrell Williams!

We got a lot of press along the way and even appeared on BBC Look North, ITV Calendar and one of the national news channels too (which are still recorded on my TiVo box!)

As a jeweller, I made everyone who was part of the Brassy Tart experience (our teacher, conductor and mentor Kyle included!) a badge/necklace with their instrument on using dolls house miniatures, so we all had something to remember our time as Brassy Tarts.

The Brassy Tarts, moments after our debut performance outside the Royal Albert Hall for the Centenary of the WI!

It was a fantastic experience, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, even Kyle (most of the time, when we were all practicing, turning up for lessons on time and doing as we were told!) Many of us are hoping to continue with the band and are looking to raise funds to buy the instruments needed to keep us making noise!

We recently held a Ladies Night to raise money at which I represented both the Brassy Tarts and Crafty Praxis, selling a range of handmade jewellery on the evening.

You can read more about our adventure here, here and here as well as see some behind the scenes photographs.

If you’d like to learn more about Brassy Tarts, then email us!


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