New Tricks – Monoprinting

With a generally creative childhood, GCSEs in both Art and Graphics, A-Levels in Art & Textiles not to mention an Art Foundation and BA Hons in Textile Crafts you’d think there wouldn’t be many art techniques I’d yet to try. You’d be wrong!

Each month Kim of Darn It Workshops runs a session at Crafty HQ for Tea & Tarts WI (of which we’re both members) and as well as hosting, I get stuck in! Each month I’ll show you how you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Castle Hill – Kim Searle

I really enjoy learning a new skill, and the monoprinting session was no exception. As ever, Kim had done some prep (i.e. had a play) before hand, and – in true Blue Peter style had some that she’d ‘done earlier’. Castle Hill on the left was one of the examples – showing how you could use multiple colours and layer papers to create beautiful textures within the finished piece. It is rather lovely and we were all suitably impressed, inspired and raring to go!



Forgot to reverse the ‘a’ in Crafty – Doh!

The basic process of monoprinting is relatively simple: roller a small amount of Lino Printing Ink onto a sheet of perspex, from an old photo frame, place on a blank piece of paper and on top of that place a scrap piece or one that has an image on it ready to trace over, (it needs to be reversed if it has text though!)

Then the fun begins! You draw, with a pen (or pencil) varying the pressure as you go to create different effects. The more ink on the glass, the thicker the lines will be. You can, like Kim, add texture with extra paper layers or add extra colours once the previous colour has dried.

I took the more simple approach, I found an image that worked for me (one of my own illustrations) though I didn’t reverse it, and did several different colour-ways to create an ‘Andy Warhol’ effect. Ok… so it’s no Marilyn Monroe but I am rather pleased with the outcome!

2016-03-15 21.36.19-1
Grebo – Elisa Etemad

There is a rather nifty trick that you can do when you’ve finished, using a fresh piece of paper and roller to create a negative of the image you’ve just drawn. This works better when there’s more ink on the glass as you get a nice bold image. I rather enjoyed this as you got two images for the price of one!

Grebo (negative) – Elisa Etemad

The workshop was attended by many different ladies – each with a varying degree of crafty knowledge – but we all went home with something to be proud of! You can see more photographs of the session here on Tea & Tarts WI’s Facebook page.

If you’re interested in learning a new skill, why not pop along to a workshop at Crafty HQ? You can find out about future events by subscribing on Facebook. I’d love to get crafty with you soon!12512489_961346330568697_8928500424385904827_n


Speaking of teaching dogs tricks, occasionally we’re lucky enough to have Xander the hearing dog in attendance, and while he’s no opposable thumbs he’s happy to have a try at most things!

Xander the Hearing dog releasing his creativity!


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