Felix – Huddersfield’s Station Cat Illustration

For those of you who have ever been into Crafty HQ, or know me personally, you will be aware that I am just slightly cat mad…

Crafty the cat is Crafty Praxis’ mascot, designed by University of Huddersfield student Christine R. Farrell, and she appears on the Crafty Praxis Tote Bags. Crafty and her kittens appear on pin badges as well as in plush form around the shop for children to find!

Crafty Praxis Pin Badges

When I’m not doing admin type things at Crafty HQ I can sometimes be found drawing, I now have quite a range of pet portrait prints and greetings cards (not just cats but dogs and a rabbit too!) for sale and take commissions.

With Felix (Huddersfield Train Station’s Cat) having recently received a long overdue promotion to ‘Senior Pest Controller’ and becoming an international sensation, I thought it was about time she had her portrait done!

Felix – 15/03/12 Photography by Elisa Etemad

I first encountered her back in March 2012, when I was very confused as to why there was a cat proudly strolling though the train station!

I then noticed on her collar it said that she lived on Platform 1 so realised she wasn’t lost.

More recently the train station received a re-vamp and Felix got her very own cat flap! (which also made it more obvious she wasn’t just a stray and soon everyone in Huddersfield knew her name.)

With her recent promotion she has gained a world wide following and regularly receives fan mail, toys and treats.


I contacted the train station and asked for permission to draw Felix and they said yes, so I found a suitable photograph and got to work. I draw from photographs as it’s not often that animals will stay still long enough to draw from! I work in biro, I’ve always preferred to work in biro but there is the one drawback of not being able to erase any mistakes so it can be quite nerve-wracking.

You can watch a time-lapse of the progress of the portrait here.

The finished portrait is currently hanging in Crafty Praxis, though I hope to exhibit it at other locations in the future. The original is available to purchase with a percentage of the sale going to Macmillan, as a charity supported by Huddersfield Station. Prints are also available, email or pop in to order your print today! £8 unframed or £15 framed.


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