Crafty Classes

I have always had a passion for teaching, especially for something I’m passionate about. As I love all aspects of crafting, learning many techniques from my Mother and Grandmother as well as teaching myself, it has always been a desire of mine to pass my skills onto others.

As you know from my ‘New Tricks’ blog, I’m not adversed to expanding my skill set and love taking part in other crafters sessions. I have also run a few of my own and have decided to do this on a more regular basis at Crafty HQ. The most recent of these Crafty Classes was rolled beeswax candle making, if you’re interested in learning more then read on!


At the start of the workshop each participant chose the different colours of beeswax they wished to use, they each made three rolled candles – one test candle (to master the technique) one long and thin and finally one ‘helter-skelter’.

I showed everyone examples of the candles they’d be making and then ran through basic technique, as well as the science behind preparing the wicks, before they all got stuck in. There were still a couple of hiccups at the beginning but that’s why we did a test candle!

Once all three candles had been rolled (and finished with the adorable plastic bee pins -which for me was the most exciting part!) we moved on to the more creative part of the session, the appliqué wax. It was during this session that the participants could really let their creative juices flow! Everyone had a plain white candle to decorate with appliqué wax, which is essentially just really thin coloured wax. Many people used sugar craft cutters to get precise shapes while a few people chose to cut out free-hand shapes or a mixture of the two.

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While everyone had access to the same cutters and same colours of wax, each design was as individual as the person who made them. It was really exciting to see what people ended up with.

As usual I prepared for the workshop by doing 2016-09-07-21-55-51some baking, for this session I made coconut macaroons as one of the participants was dairy and gluten free (but was OK with eggs!) I’d never made macaroons before, even though they are one of my favourite things and they were so easy to do!

Should you wish to have a go, you can find the recipe I used here, I took their advice and toasted the coconut first and there were none left at the end of the session, much to my boyfriends disappointment!

I’ll be running the candle workshop again in the near future, and I’m running one Crafty Class a month at Crafty HQ as well as the sessions run by Kim of Darn it Workshops, which you can read more about in my ‘New Tricks’ blog posts. I look forward to teaching you soon!

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