Who/What/When/Where/Why/How – Kim Searle

Who is your favourite artist/designer out there at the moment?
Favourite designer at the moment is Ladybird Likes. I recently bought some collar clips and a brooch off her, they were so beautifully packaged with a free brooch as well, just lovely! I then did an interview with her and she’s just the nicest person as well as making gorgeous things! She uses a lasercutter, but in a way that’s not played out and overdone.

What is your favourite thing that you’ve ever made?
My favourite thing I’ve ever made is a resin brooch that had a quote saying “Happy are we.” a friend brought it off me and pointed out that it said “happiness” on the book page embedded behind it, I hadn’t even realised, that’s my favourite thing about resin, the happy accidents!

When life gets a bit monotonous, dreary, predictable and dull, how do you motivate yourself to keep going?
When life gets dull I go somewhere new, I find the galleries and craft shops, the hidden cafes, the exciting bits of the new place and the new scenery surrounding me and I feel refreshed, re-inspired and ready to start again!

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from things that are destined for the bin. I’m an up-cycling freak and most of my things are made from things I found abandoned at the end of second hand markets, that friends have passed on to me when they have no use for them, or things I’ve found in junk sales and charity shops. I love breathing new life into things and seeing new possibilities in the unloved. Most of the time I don’t design, I let the materials available to me at the time dictate what I’ll make. hat and tumblr. There’s so many amazing things on there.

Why did you start crafting?
I started crafting because my family crafts. My Mum made clothes for me when I was little, taught me to knit and always encouraged me to be creative. She really is wonderful and can do pretty much anything! My Aunty B was also a major creative influence on my life, she could also do pretty much anything creative and when I showed an interest in crafts she started taking me to craft fairs and introducing me to her creative friends who ran their own businesses, she encouraged me to do it myself. Last year I inherited her sewing machine and it’s always an honour to use it.

How do you spend your free time if you aren’t crafting?
When I’m not crafting I tend to be blogging about crafting, going to art exhibits or taking part in them with my art collective, reading zines, volunteering in the print room at uni (which I love!) , visiting new places, writing letters to penpals, dreaming about travel but mostly hanging out with my boyfriend and our giant of a bunny Sir Anthony Hopkins. We’ve recently started walking him in the park which is great fun!

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